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Photo of the Day 11.26.12

26 Nov


Photo of the Day 11.24.12

24 Nov

Video of the Day: “Dumb Ways To Die

24 Nov

Found this on Upworthy. The post was accurately titled “Australia Officially Has The Most Adorably Morbid Train Safety Video Ever.”

Melbourne Metro put out this jaunty little song to avoid that “brain fade” that leads to “premature death” (i.e. getting hit by a train).

The Melbourne Metro offered this explanation for the campaign on their website:

Most people are able to recognise for themselves that trains are big, fast and not to be messed with. But sadly a few people just don’t get it. And that’s why we’re running this campaign.

The song is by Tangerine Kitty and available for download on the “Dumb Ways to Die” website or on iTunes.


Happy Thanksgiving

23 Nov



Video of the Day: “4 Chords”

20 Nov

Axis of Awesome ~ “4 Chords

I saw these guys at the 2012 Edinburgh Fringe Festival and they were super-duper awesome. You can browse through the rest of their videos on their website (and you can buy merch!).

Support transcontinental comedy!

Photo of the Day

20 Nov

~Oscar Wilde~

Ultimate Comic Challenge (part 2 of 2)

20 Nov

Not only did I create a series of mediocre posters for the UCC, each challenger had a flyer personally made for them.

This was, of course, completely unsolicited on the part of my fellow comedians.

I don’t know why, though. These flyers are completely AWESOME.

Comedians tend to be critical of themselves (or simply consumed with self-loathing). There aren’t many opportunities to revel in being super awesome. Hence- the flyers.

Despite being super ridiculous (Especially Troy and Leo. I am so sorry!), it was my tiny tribute to the comics.

I’ve become friends with most of the comics that were in the semi-finals. They are a bunch of really great and really talented guys.

They have made my time in comedy a lot of fun.

So, here are some of my favorites.