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Photo of the Day 2.28.13

28 Feb

Cathedral in LecceCathedral in Lecce, Italy ~ by Maja Wrońska

“Always be on the lookout for the presence of wonder.” ~E.B. White

You guys, Maja Wrońska is crazy amazing at watercolors! Check out her page. It is filled with beautiful scenes from all over the world.

Just wandering around her gallery made me giddy with joy.

(Her Facebook page has even more stuff on it.)



This is not what progress looks like…

27 Feb

Last night, I spent an excessive amount of time on my new favorite site:

It is an entire site dedicated to insane things you can buy. Some of it is hilarious and awesome. There is a lot of Doctor Who stuffs and, thanks to this site, you can literally give a flying fuck.

There is a lot of crazy nonsense too.

Some of the products make you wonder about the people in this world…

Snuggle Pillow (thisiswhyimbroke)

This seems like a joke that the consumer is not in on.

Right off the bat, it seems like a SNL commercial that has come to life.

“Are you having trouble sleeping? Try laying your head on a headless, lifeless, pillow person. He’ll never leave you.”

Apparently loneliness can be cured by sleeping on the partial torso of a pillow man?

(*NOT INCLUDED: Emily, the saddest girl!)



Power Nap Capsule (HammacherSchlemmer)

Naps are important.

NASA says so.

The optimal nap time is usually around 15-20 minutes.

The study didn’t really touch on whether or not your nap is enhanced if you are sleeping in a 25,000 dollar douche chamber that doesn’t shut out light or sound.

I’m sure that study is on its way.



Baby Stroller Scooter (thisiswhyimbroke)

This is just a concept for now. Hopefully, it will never be fully realized because it sounds like a disaster. The only way this product would be a good idea would be as a way to identify terrible parents (because that is the demographic that this stroller is aimed at).

The description alone should be a red flag “don’t be tied down by that pesky new born baby of yours.” If you are already describing your baby as a “pesky new born”, parenthood was the worst thing to ever happen to you (it will later be the worst thing to ever happen to your kid).

It goes on to say,”Your baby will love the adrenaline rush you give him.”

Um… do babies love adrenaline rushes?

Lights, shiny things, and movement are blowing this their minds.

Odds are they probably aren’t out chasing that next big rush.



Wenger 16999 Swiss Army Knife (amazon)

87 implements.

One of them is a key ring– you know, just in case you want to attach your keys to a 7.2lb brick.

Basically this “knife” is perfect for you if the usefulness and portability of of your typical swiss army knife wasn’t something that interested you.

Jeez. Just carry a toolkit.



Baby Carrying Jacket (thisiswhyimbroke)

I like to think that this evolved out of a think tank that was tasked with turning the idea of a unhealthy co-dependant relationship between a mother and a child into a marketable product.

Because… success!

The visual for this is so unsettling. It looks as if the baby is being re-absorbed through her chest.

Photo of the Day 2.26.13

26 Feb

fuck yoga, smash the stateStreet art in Montreal (by the street artist, Harpy)

Link takes you to Harpy’s gallery on CargoCollective. Check out the rest of the pieces. They are all awesome.

Plus, Harpy’s bio is pretty badass:

Pourquoi Harpy? Harpy c’est une initiative spontanée, c’est un coup de gueule.
C’est des affiches pour la rue, des affiches pour Montréal.
Parce que l’embourgeoisement c’est très laid. 

Why Harpy? Harpies have wings (they can fly!) 
Also, they turned against the Gods. 
Also, gentrification is boring.


Photo of the Day 2.21.13

21 Feb

Magritte death star


Ceci n’est pas une lune.

[translation: This is not a moon.]

Star Wars meets Magritte in this parody of the surrealist artists’ “La Trahison des Images.”

Pope Benedict XVI: A Legacy of Funny Hats

15 Feb

When news broke that Pope Benedict XVI was quitting, I thought it was a prank headline.

I didn’t think you could just quit being Pope.

But apparently the reign of Pope Benedict XVI (soon to be Joseph Ratzinger once more) is coming to an end.

POPE red hat manip01

People are torn when it comes to Pope Benedict XVI’s legacy. Some believe him to be a great pope and others… not so much.

I think we can all agree, though, that Pope Benedict was the creepiest looking Pope since Boniface IX .POPE basic hat manip

(Yeah, I went there. Zing!)

Benedict XVI/Ratzinger cited age and fatigue as reasons for his resignation- which is reasonable.

It does lessen the magic when the head honcho and spiritual conduit for the oldest Christian establishment in the world is nodding off during Mass.

(Come on, you are supposed to be jacked up with the Holy Spirit!)

Personally, I didn’t think his German work ethic would allow him to quit.

When Germans are tired, they hike a mountain to relax.

If they do admit to being tired, more often than not, it is something more akin to “weariness“… a deep existential fatigue that robs the body and mind of purpose and vigor.

But if you suggest quitting your job with little or no job prospects on the horizon, they will look at you like you are an insane person.

POPE sombrero manip

Having Pope Benedict resign like this means one thing for certain: the Germans can never really make a joke about how lazy Polish people are ever again.

Pope John Paul II had every reason to resign from the papacy and no one would have faulted him for doing it either. He had Parkinson’s Disease and barely enough strength to support his head under the weight of that massive hat. You could literally see the weight of the world on his shoulders.

And yet, he was in it until the end.JOHN PAUL peekaboo

Pope Benedict XVI is now basically the German Sarah Palin.*

(*NOTE: The German Sarah Palin can still speak fluent Spanish, French, Latin, Italian, English, and German, as well as read Greek and Hebrew, and has traveled all over the world. But otherwise, they are practically leading parallel lives.)

There is hope finding a “special someone.” Science says so.

14 Feb

The Odds of Finding Life and Love

What does Drake’s Equation and Fermi’s Paradox have to do with dating? Um… only everything! Joe Hanson from It’s Okay To Be Smart looks at the mathmatical odds of finding that special someone.

It isn’t terrible news!

Also, science guru and lover of turtlenecks, Carl Sagan said this:

carl sagan

Thanks, Carl!

Lurve Songs…

14 Feb

Hey Er’body!

Every Valentine’s Day I basically repost this and it has generated a list of pretty great songs. Feel free to post suggestions for the list at the bottom (just make sure they adhere to the loose set of rules below).

Have a great Day!


People have mixed feelings about Valentine’s Day.

For some it is a nice dependable day where you can spend time with a loved one. Others spend it in a car with a discount bag of chocolate and their therapist (i.e. Taylor Swift). Some people might hate Valentine’s Day but everyone likes music.

Some of the lists iTunes had for Valentine’s Day songs were lame– so I compiled my own.

The guidelines for the list were:
1) Only one song per artist.
2) Songs have to be about love in some way. No break-up songs.
3) All songs have to be awesome.

*NOTE* The artist listed is not necessarily the original– just the artist I prefer performing the song

Ain’t No Mountain High Enough ~ Marvin Gaye

Ain’t No Sunshine ~ Rockapella

A Kiss To Build A Dream On ~ Louis Armstrong

All You Need Is Love ~ The Beatles

As Is ~ Ani DiFranco

As Long As Your Mine Wicked(musical)

At Last ~ Etta James

Be My Angel ~ Mozzy Star

Can’t Get You Out Of My Head ~ Kylie Minogue

C’est Magnifique ~ Pearl Bailey

Christmas TV ~ Slow Club

Come To My Window ~ Melissa Etheridge

Come What May ~ Moulin Rouge

Darlin’ Be Home Soon ~ The Lovin’ Spoonful

Dude (I totally Miss You) ~ Tenacious D

Easy Silence ~ Dixie Chicks

Elaborate Lives Aida

Everything You Want Vertical Horizon

Five O’Clock World The Vogues

Fly Me To The Moon Frank Sinatra

Giving Up ~ Ingrid Michaelson

Glad All Over The Dave Clark Five

God Only Knows ~ The Beach Boys

Happy Together ~ The Turtles

Haven’t Met You Yet Michael Bublé

Heaven ~ Brandi Carlile

Here (In Your Arms) ~ Hello goodbye

How Can I Tell You ~ Cat Stevens

I Believe In A Thing Called Love The Darkness

I Can’t Take My Eye’s Off Of You Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons

I Hear A Symphony The Supremes

If You Need A Reason Mason Jennings

In Spite Of Ourselves John Prine & Iris DeMent

I Only Want To Be With You Dusty Springfield

Is It a Crime? ~ Russ Columbo

I Want You ~ Tom Waits

I Want You To Want Me ~ Cheap Trick

I Will Keep The Bad Things From You ~ The Damnwells

I Will Love You ~ Fisher

Just One Look ~ Doris Troy

Love Today Mika

Mail Order Annie ~ Harry Chapin

Me and You ~ Barry Louis Polisar

My Life Would Suck Without You ~ Kelly

Nine Million Bicycles ~ Katie Melua

No One Alicia Keys

Ocean Stone ~ Chris O’Brien

One Big Love ~ Patty Griffin

Sea and the Rhythm ~ Iron & Wine

Shooting Stars and Satellites ~ Death Cab For

Someone To Watch Over Me ~ George

Somewhere Only We Know ~ Keane

Songbird ~ Eva Cassidy

The More You Ruv Someone ~ Avenue Q

The Promise Tracy Chapman

This Will Be (An Everlasting Love) ~ Natalie Cole

This Years Love ~ David Gray

Time After Time ~ Cyndi Lauper (and Sarah McLachlan)

To Love Somebody Nina Simone

Unchained Melody ~ Righteous

Unforgettable ~ Nat King Cole

What I Wouldn’t Do ~ A Fine Frenzy

Wonderful Tonight ~ Eric Clapton

5 Years Time Noah and the Whale