Jennifer Lawrence brings everyone together…

5 Apr

Best article I’ve come across this week: What Do Hate Groups Think of Jennifer Lawrence?

Jaime Taete of Vice phoned up a bunch of hate groups to ask them their opinion on Jennifer Lawrence:

Have you ever met anyone who doesn’t like Jennifer Lawrence? No? Me either. Even if someone doesn’t know who she is, you can just show them that clip of her after the Oscars or that one of her getting freaked out by Jack Nicholson, and they will become an instant lifelong megafan.

But in the interest of presenting a fair and balanced argument, I decided to try and find some people who hate her. And who hates more shit than members of hate groups? They have the word hate right there in their description.

I called up a few to see what their feelings were on J-Lawr.

Initially, most of the people she talks to are just utterly confused by the simple question. Apparently, outside shouting bigoted garbage at people, communicating with people/outsiders is quite a struggle for them. Their struggle to answer her and make sense of it all is incredibly amusing.

Go read it.


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