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My name is Jenny Chalikian.

I’m a stand-up comedian and freelance writer who regularly performs in and around North Carolina.

Discriminating Irreverence is my website.

If you came to this site after seeing me perform, let me first say, “Thank you so much for coming to the show!”

Second– you should come to more shows! We apparently really hit it off!

If you want to see me perform in the future, bookmark this site!

carolinas funniest comic finals 2013

Performing in the final round of “Carolina’s Funniest Comic” competition.

I know Discriminating Irreverence is a long title for a site, but I’m terribly fond of it (and once you bookmark it, you never have to type it again!).

It is totally worth it! Everything is here: future performance dates, clips of past performances, pictures, and stuff I’ve written.

Check back often to read articles, browse through pictures, and look at awesome internet ephemera I’ve found.

If you like things you find on this site: forward it to friends, comment on stuff, and talk about it to everyone you meet.


And thanks again for visiting!

If you wish to contact Jenny, e-mail her at



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