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Stuff That Happened This Week (April 8-14)

15 Apr

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“Accidentally Racist”  Is A Giant Clusterfuck ~ The song “Accidental Racist” is the collaboration of country singer, Brad Paisley, and LL Cool J. The song is about white people and black people trying to come together and overcome prejudice/years of racial tension. It’s a tall order for any song but “Accidental Racist” falls hysterically short of being any sort of watershed moment in racial harmony. Mostly because it glosses over the systematic oppression of black people and ignores white privilege completely. The best description of the song: “an attempt to heal America’s racial wounds with a fist bump.”

Brad Paisley and LL Cool J clearly made this song with the purest intentions and seemed to genuinely have thought this would be a positive step forward. Both of them stand by the song and “are proud of the discussion it is creating.”

The song does in fact reveal how desperately we need to have more conversations on race when these two are legitimately puzzled why racism is still around.

“Why CAN’T we be friends?”

According to the song, it’s because we are all just holding on to the past. Paisley says in an interview, “Let’s not be victims of things that happened SO LONG AGO.”

  1. LET’S BE CLEAR. In the song, the black barista at Starbucks gives Paisley the stink-eye for wearing a shirt with a confederate flag on it. That is why Paisley feels like a victim. Feeling uncomfortable at Starbucks is a cross he can bear no longer.

Feeling sad or uncomfortable isn’t the same as systematic oppression.


  • Let Me Break It Down For You [Racialicious]
  • Why “Accidental Racist” Is Just Racist [The Atlantic]
  • The Road To “Accidental Racist” Is Paved With Good Intentions [Grantland]
  • What Brad Paisley and LL Cool J Don’t Understand About Accidents In “Accidental Racist” [Think Progress]
  • Whoooooooops, I’m A Racist [Shakesville]
  • Louis C.K. Explains Historical Context Behind Racial Discrimination On The Tonight Show [Panache]

How Did “Pretend To Be A Nazi” Sound Like A Good Idea To You? ~ Oh my GOD. This week was basically a week of people getting tripped up by COMPLETELY AVOIDABLE THINGS. First, there was Accidental Racist (see above). Then, after visiting Anne Frank’s house, Justin Bieber wrote in the guest book that he hoped Anne would be a Belieber (a Justin Bieber fan)– which ARLRJFHBKLJGLJ! And then this: A teacher in Albany tasked their students with a creative writing assignment: PRETEND TO BE A NAZI. What makes it worse (yes, it get’s worse) is that it was an exercise in persuasive writing. The students were given the following writing prompt: “You must argue that Jews are evil, and use solid rationale from government propaganda to convince me of your loyalty to the Third Reich!” So, basically, the assignment was to write really solid hate-speech. Also, “solid rationale from government propaganda“? Are you fucking serious? [Jezebel]

Margaret Thatcher and Jonathan Winters Are Dead– but Cher Is Actually Alive ~ Margaret Thatcher and Jonathan Winters both passed this week. Jonathan Winters was a beloved comedian known for his characters, his appearances on the old Friar’s Roasts, and . Reactions to Thatcher’s death were divided (to say the least). Instead of writing about either of these two figures, I’ve just included some links to some articles/tributes. (NOTE: There was a terrible moment this week where people thought Cher had died. A hashtag on twitter (#nowthatchersdead) was misinterpreted as “Now That Chers Dead.” But, it’s okay. She’s alive, you guys. Which is awesome– because I am not in a place in my life where I could even begin to deal with such a tragedy.)

Margaret Thatcher

  • Russell Brand on Margaret Thatcher. [The Guardian]
  • Margaret Thatcher’s Death: American vs. British Reactions [Buzzfeed]
  • That Thatcher Era’s Effect On British Music [NPR]
  • How To Explain Margaret Thatcher To A One Direction Fan [Buzzfeed]

Jonathan Winters

  • Remembering Jonathan Winters: Father Of Improvisational Comedy [LA TImes]
  • Jonathan Winter Roasts Johnny Carson [YouTube]
  • How Did All Those People Get Inside Jonathan Winters? [NPR]
  • Comedy Heavyweights Remember Jonathan Winters in Tweets [Mashable]
  • 5 of the Actor’s Funniest Moments [The Wrap]

(and just to celebrate that Cher is still alive…)

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– Andrew Lloyd Weber is adapting School of Rock for Broadway [Vulture]

– Life In Your Early 20s vs. Your Late 20s [Buzzfeed]

– Just so you know, in China, Kim Jong-Un is often called “Fatty The Third” in casual conversation [The New York Times]

– Sweden now has a gender neutral pronoun [Jezebel]

– Jay-Z wrote a song in response to er’body giving him crap for taking a trip to Cuba [Pitchfork]

– Katee Sackhoff is the only girl in Riddick [The Mary Sue]

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Sorry Not Sorry: How To Non-Apologize (Laura Beck // Jezebel)

Why School Shooting Episodes Need To Stop (Louis Peitzman // Buzzfeed)

Science vs. Scripture And The Difference Between Curiosity And Wonder (Maria Popova // BrainPickings)

Does Buzzfeed Know The Secret (Andrew Rice // New York Magazine)

Life Is Beautiful, And So Is This Stand-up Special – A Review of Louis C.K.’s New Special, Oh My God (Matt Zoller Seitz // Vulture)

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In 1993, Conan taped some interviews for a Late-Night Audition [Team Coco]

Julie Klausner asks the important questions: “What Do Bravo Reality Stars Think of North Korea?” Watch. This. Now. (and then read Julie Klausner’s book I Don’t Care About Your Band) [Huffington Post]

Neil DeGrasse Tyson thinks about what it would be like to live forever [It’s Okay To Be Smart]

Weekend Update: LL Cool J and Brad Paisley (“We did it! Racism is over, ya’ll!!”) [Hulu]

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The Way, Way Back trailer


Stuff That Happened (March 25-31)

1 Apr



Cool Stuff // And Also… // Articles // Videos // Trailers & TV/Movie News

**NOTE: With the Supreme Court reviewing the constitutionality of gay marriage, last week was a pretty important week for the LGBT community. So, Ima put out extra “Stuff That Happened This Week” that just focuses on all the stuff that happened around the hearings.**


Barbara Walters Can Hear You ~ Last week, people were all abuzz about Barbara Walters looming retiring. People spent the rest of the week speculating wildly about who would replace her on The View. She announced today that she won’t be retiring. It’s rude to talk about someone as if they aren’t there (NBC, I’m looking at you). SHE WILL LEAVE THE SPOTLIGHT WHEN SHE IS GOOD AND READY. You tell ’em, Barbara. UPROXX did a pretty great Barbara Walters appreciation post, though. Even though she isn’t retiring, it’s always a good time to celebrate awesome people. [Huffington Post]

Also– Everyone Who Ever Hosted Anything Might Also Retiring ~ The maybe news continues! The completely unofficial-but-actually-happening mess between Leno and Fallon is still happening. Ugh. But you guys— something WAY BIGGER IS (maybe) HAPPENING! People are speculating that Alex Trebek might be considering retirement. DISASTER. No one can ever truly replace that man. He is a national treasure (despite being Canadian… but whatever). Not just anyone can be the Jeopardy host. It takes a specific skill set– and Trebek has MAD SKILLS.

  1. Even after 28 years, he is able to appear interested in every insane/boring/sad story Jeopardy contestants tell him. He is usually pretty respectful even in the face of the weirdest stories. He has only had a couple slip-ups.
  2. Despite his occasional tendency to be smug and condescending, he is still beloved by all (I think it’s one of his powers as a Canadian).
  3. You secretly believe that the answer cards at Trebek’s podium are all blank because he already knows all of the answers.
  4. Finally, he belongs to that very rare subset man that can grow a mustache and NOT look like a child molester.

There were rumors that Matt Lauer would replace Trebek. Other, more viable options, include Tim Gunn, Ken Jennings, and Anderson Cooper. But, for now, Trebek will just continue to kill it. Bow down, bitches. [Vulture]

“Anyhoo” Is In The Dictionary Now ~ I have been using it this whole time… because I’m from the future. [The Atlantic Wire]



Game of the Thrones is an awesome show on HBO that involves dragons, swords, political machinations, and HORRIFIC DEATHS. That isn’t a spoiler. In general, being in the vicinity of dragons, swords, and power hungry politicians leads to death. Vulture created the Game of Thrones Death Generator. Go see what brutal death you would suffer in this violent fantasy land. [Vulture]

– Obscure and obsolete words are an obsession of mine. Here is a list of 27 Obsolete Words We Should Revive- and we really should. Crapulous? Cockalorum? Jargogle? All awesome words (and still relevant and useable in everyday conversation). The fact that most of them sound vaguely like cusswords is just a bonus. [Buzzfeed]

– Stephen Colbert will interview Bill Clinton. So… awesome. [Entertainment Weekly]

– Jennifer Lawrence is scared of ghosts and struggles with that same black-hole of temptation that we all do: the hotel mini-bar. Who among us can resist its inexorable pull?. So… just me? [Fabulous]



Generations Naive: Why Young People Can’t Help Falling For Strangers Online (Caitlin Dickson // The Daily Beast)

What I Learned Hate-Reading The Internet (Richard Lawson // The Atlantic Wire)

Why Doctor Who Needs More Female Writers (Mathilda Gregory // The Guardian)

The QWERTY Effect: The Keyboards Are Changing Our Language! (Rebecca J. Rosen // The Atlantic)



Pain And Gain Trailer ~ Dark comedy from Michael Bay. Mark Wahlberg and Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson (I will never NOT write his name like that) are great action stars for obvious reasons. I am really happy when I see them do comedy, though. Both of them are really funny guys. Also, it is super satisfying to see a manic Wahlberg smack-talk a kid. Movie stars Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson, Mark Wahlberg, Tony Shaloub, Anthony Mackie, and Rebel Wilson. [YouTube]

Amy Poehler Interviews Her Idol ~ Amy Poehler interviews Irma Kalish, who wrote for famous TV comedies such as Maude, Good Times, The Facts of Life, and I Dream of Jeannie (just to name a few). Nowadays, whenever anyone dredges up that archaic question, “Are Women Funny?”, most sensible/intelligent people will respond with scorn and derision. Kalish, however, worked in a time where people around her were of the opinion that women weren’t funny.

“When I first started writing, women were not writing comedy. They said, women can’t make you laugh. They can make you cry– but they can’t make you laugh. And– now I could make men cry–that’s true. But I thought I could also make them laugh.”

Irma says at one point that she thinks of Amy “as a descendent of mine” and that she “paved the way” for people like Amy. What might sound like an unchecked ego coming from anyone else-  in reality, it is really incredibly moving and touching moment. Firstly, because Amy and Irma are both adorable and clearly have an incredible respect for one another. Secondly, because you see it for what it is- as a sort of passing of the torch from one generation of comedy to another. It is the meeting of two great comedic minds and it makes me weepy every time I watch it. [Smart Girls At The Party]

Anna Kendrick Joins A K-Pop Band ~ I posted this earlier, but I think it deserves a repost. Because it is HILARIOUS. [Funny or Die]

Everybody Wants To Kill Bruce Willis~ Pierre-Alexandre Chauvat spliced together 39 different movies to create a 10 minute film that has Bruce Willis running for his life. The artist’s sums up the film thusly: “When he wakes up one morning, Bruce Willis finds himself pursued by an entire city.” Helicopters, machine guns, daring chase scenes. It’s pretty epic. Bruce’s hair comes and goes- but otherwise, it is a pretty great mashup. [Pierre-Alexandre Chauvat]

Trailer for Burning Love Season 3 ~ Burning Love is a show that spoofs reality dating shows such as The Bachelor/The Bachelorette. The show is kind of perfect (and mega-hilarious). The show is airing on E! now, but you can still catch all the episodes on Yahoo. [Splitsider]

Louis C.K. Sort Of Explains The Title Of His Show ~ I’m pretty sure HBO makes him put out these promos, resulting in these simple (yet earnest) kinds of clips.  [Flavorwire]

**Remember that there will be another “Stuff That Happened This Week” for all the LGBT stuffs that happened this week**

Stuff That Happened This Week (March 10-17)

17 Mar

STUFF THAT HAPPENEDI pretty much live on the internet. There is a list of 17 sites that I visit daily looking for awesome articles, videos, pictures, and news, and then I just spend HOURS looking for cool things.

It’s an illness.

But I do find a lot of cool stuff.

So, if you don’t have time to waste on the internet, just look out for Stuff That Happened This Week and you will be up to date on everything.



Jon Stewart Is Making A Movie – Jon Stewart is going on a 12 week hiatus in the summer to work on Rosewater, a film adaptation of the book Then They Came For Me: A Family’s Story Of Love, Captivity And SurvivalStewart has written the script and plans on directing the movie. John Oliver will cover for him on The Daily Show. (Deadline)

You Have The Chance To Name Something Important And Science-y! The American Museum of Natural History is holding a tournament in order to determine what to name our “hypothetical common placental ancestor.” The first round has already happened- but there is still time to vote. Round 2 ends March 19 and the whole thing ends April 4. Clearly, the contest will come down to Dwight Shrew and Vole de Mort. Right? (AMNH.org)

While You Were Distracted By The Lame Taylor Swift/Amy Poehler/Tina Fey Feud– SCIENTISTS QUIETLY CURED HIV – “14 Adults have been functionally cured of HIV.” Why is this not being shouted from the rooftops? (NewScientist)

Awkwafina Is Here To Fill The Female Asian Rapper Void– When I read the headline “Awkwafina Will Immediately Be Your New Favorite Rapper” on Buzzfeed, I was skeptical because Buzzfeed can only speak in hyperbole and absolutes. In two days there will probably be a list of “Mindblowing Pictures of Toast.” I really do like Awkwafina, though. (Buzzfeed)

Anna Kendrick Continues To Be Awesome– I want her to be my brunch buddy. Until then, stalking her on Twitter will have to suffice. (image)

Holy CATS! Broadway Is Making A Musical NOT Based On A Movie- A musical about Carol King’s life will be on Broadway in Spring of 2014. It will, of course, feature her music and most likely be awesome. (NYTimes)

You Guys, Emma Watson Doesn’t Just Blindly Sign On For Every Movie Based On A Book– Emma Watson is not going to be the 50 Shades of Grey movie. And she is horrified that you think she would entertain the idea. (image)

Louis C. K. News– Louis C.K. released a promo for his new HBO special Oh My God coming in April 13. Despite clearly being the most lauded comic of the day- he still manages to be incredibly humble and sincere. (YouTube)

“Timberweek” Confirmed Justin Timberlake Is Crazy Talented– Fresh off his appearance on SNL, Justin Timberlake combined forces with Jimmy Fallon for “Justin Timberweek.” He was on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon every night and it was a wonderful success. Highlights include a barbershop version of Sexy Back, a skit where they sang Africa’s magnum opus: Toto, and History of Rap Part 4. His musical performances were also (naturally) great. (LateNightWithJimmyFallon)

Amy Poehler To Produce A New Show – Amy Poehler (wonderful angel and adorable mischief maker) is producing a show called Broad City that will appear on Comedy Central in 2014. Broad City was originally a web series staring Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer. (Splitsider)



– Who Said It: Spongebob or Nietzsche? Take the quiz. It is harder than you think. (Buzzfeed)

– By the way, the ghost in PBS’s Ghostwriter was a runaway slave who was brutally killed by racists and their dogs. (Uproxx)

Joss Whedon shot a Shakespeare adaptation in his backyard… because when I have free time, my first impulse is to assemble my friends and perform Shakespeare at my house. (TheMarySue)



Watching A Comedic Voice Evolve: The Rare, Early Clips Of The Muppets (Ramsey Ess // Splitsider)

Sexism Fatigue (Lindy West // Jezebel)

Marlo Thomas On Making That Girl Feminist TV, PBS’s Makers, And Where Pop Culture Goes Next (Alyssa Rosenberg // Think Progress)

The Daily Routines Of Famous Writers (Marla Popova // BrainPickings)

St. Patrick: No Snakes, No Shamrocks, Just The Facts (David Plotz // Slate)



– Lena Dunham’s (fake) Zero Dark Thirty audition ~ Comedian Chelsea Davidson does a SPOT ON impression of Lena Dunham.

– After Ever After ~ Jon Cozart creates this amazing a cappella video about Disney Princesses after they find their fairy tale ending. It is wonderfully dark and Cozart is a pretty talented singer.

Kristen Stewart Explains St. Patrick’s Day ~ Kristen Stewart is played by Laura McDonald in this sketch (who does an amazingly accurate impression). It is hella funny- but will never trump Speak Like Kristen Stewart.

Patton Oswalt – To Be Loved and Understood ~ The people of ThrashLab follow comedian Patton Oswalt and look at what it is like off-stage.

PBS Arts presents “The Rise of Web Comics”