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Stuff That Happened This Month (Aug/Sept)

6 Oct
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Yeesh. You know what is terrible for writing? Not writing.

(In this case, the “not writing” is a result from having a job that feeds on your life energy until you are convinced your office is swarming with dementors.)

Needless to say, I have been WAY out of the loop. From what I can gather, the government has shut down, Malcom’s Dad now deals meth, and judging from the sheer amount of links, I can only assume Miley Cyrus has killed someone.

Anyway- what’s been helping me chug-a-lug through it has been friends (who still talk to me even when I’m tired and cranky), pizza, and awesome stuff on the internet.

DI Cool Stuff BarJIM HENSON IS PART OF MY RELIGION ~ Jim Henson’s birthday was September 24th and he would have been 77 this year. Despite having died, every year more and more of his creations appear: sketches, old un-aired footage, journal entires. The man was always making thing and always trying to make things better. He is my Hero.

  • Henson’s life wasn’t just a linear path to success. Before The Muppets, Jim Henson tried his hand at a great deal of different creative pursuits. The only persistent theme in his life was to experiment and create. Luke Epplin takes a look at Henson’s earlier careers before Sesame Street.

With varying degrees of success, he tried his hand at documentaries, experimental films, animation, acting, music, corporate promotional videos, and even nightclub ownership. Jones portrays Henson during this period as a restlessly inventive artist whose career path, far from leading unswervingly to television superstardom with the Muppets, could have forked in many different directions. Even though they’re frequently overshadowed by his masterworks from subsequent decades, the wide-ranging projects that Henson developed in the ’60s highlight the nature of the particular, imaginative genius that all of his works—popular or not—shared. (Luke Epplin // The Atlantic)

  • More Never Before Seen Sketches From Jim Henson [PSFK]
  • Jim Henson, the Puppeteer (Photo):  [The Internet]
  • Juliet Prowse dances with green gazelles to Scott Joplin’s “Solace” in the first ever episode of The Muppet Show [YouTube]
  • The Red Book is Jim Henson’s journal and includes sketches, illustrations, drafts for skits, and Henson’s thoughts on his experiences and on-going projects [Jim Henson’s Red Book]
  • What Jim Henson Teaches us About Bridging Creative Integrity and Commercial Success [Brain Pickings]
  • Kermit the Frog Remembering Jim Henson [Flavorpill]
  • The story behind the picture above [MuleyComix]
  • Finale of the Muppet Movie [YouTube]

DI other stuff bar35 Photos From the National Geographic Photo Contest [Seriously For Real]

Pirate Slang [Latham’s Quarterly]

Lullabies for Misandrists  ~ [The Toast]

Frog Photobombs NASA Launch Photo [Peta Pixel]

Batman is pregnant. [Comically Vintage]

DI articles barWadjda Director Haiffa Al-Mansour On Saudi Women, What Sexism Denies Men, and Digital Film Making (Alyssa Rosenberg // ThinkProgress)

A Meeting Between Elizabeth Wurtzel and Jonathan Franzen (Mallory Ortberg // The Toast) *

*this piece is in response to two articles that Franzen and Wurtzel both recently published: Wurtzel’s the “Lamest Generation” and Franzen’s “What Is Wrong With The Modern World.

DI videos barTa-Nehisi Coates on Writing [The Atlantic]

How To Write A Hipster Rock Anthem [Buzzfeed Video]

Janis Joplin on Rejection (from the last interview she ever gave)  [PBS series “Blank on Blank”]

Richard Feynmen on “Simplicity vs Familiarity”  [It’s Okay To Be Smart]

DI trailers and tv news barGuillermo Del Toro helped with the opening credits for this years The Simpsons Treehouse of Horror episode [YouTube]


Muppets + Tina Fey = YESSSSSSS!

20 Mar

Tina Fey in the MuppetsI love it when two things that I love collide.

Someone leaked this photo from the set of The Muppets… Again! which is coming out in 2014.

Fey plays Nadya, a Russian prison guard.

Cannot wait.


Stuff That Happened This Week (March 10-17)

17 Mar

STUFF THAT HAPPENEDI pretty much live on the internet. There is a list of 17 sites that I visit daily looking for awesome articles, videos, pictures, and news, and then I just spend HOURS looking for cool things.

It’s an illness.

But I do find a lot of cool stuff.

So, if you don’t have time to waste on the internet, just look out for Stuff That Happened This Week and you will be up to date on everything.



Jon Stewart Is Making A Movie – Jon Stewart is going on a 12 week hiatus in the summer to work on Rosewater, a film adaptation of the book Then They Came For Me: A Family’s Story Of Love, Captivity And SurvivalStewart has written the script and plans on directing the movie. John Oliver will cover for him on The Daily Show. (Deadline)

You Have The Chance To Name Something Important And Science-y! The American Museum of Natural History is holding a tournament in order to determine what to name our “hypothetical common placental ancestor.” The first round has already happened- but there is still time to vote. Round 2 ends March 19 and the whole thing ends April 4. Clearly, the contest will come down to Dwight Shrew and Vole de Mort. Right? (AMNH.org)

While You Were Distracted By The Lame Taylor Swift/Amy Poehler/Tina Fey Feud– SCIENTISTS QUIETLY CURED HIV – “14 Adults have been functionally cured of HIV.” Why is this not being shouted from the rooftops? (NewScientist)

Awkwafina Is Here To Fill The Female Asian Rapper Void– When I read the headline “Awkwafina Will Immediately Be Your New Favorite Rapper” on Buzzfeed, I was skeptical because Buzzfeed can only speak in hyperbole and absolutes. In two days there will probably be a list of “Mindblowing Pictures of Toast.” I really do like Awkwafina, though. (Buzzfeed)

Anna Kendrick Continues To Be Awesome– I want her to be my brunch buddy. Until then, stalking her on Twitter will have to suffice. (image)

Holy CATS! Broadway Is Making A Musical NOT Based On A Movie- A musical about Carol King’s life will be on Broadway in Spring of 2014. It will, of course, feature her music and most likely be awesome. (NYTimes)

You Guys, Emma Watson Doesn’t Just Blindly Sign On For Every Movie Based On A Book– Emma Watson is not going to be the 50 Shades of Grey movie. And she is horrified that you think she would entertain the idea. (image)

Louis C. K. News– Louis C.K. released a promo for his new HBO special Oh My God coming in April 13. Despite clearly being the most lauded comic of the day- he still manages to be incredibly humble and sincere. (YouTube)

“Timberweek” Confirmed Justin Timberlake Is Crazy Talented– Fresh off his appearance on SNL, Justin Timberlake combined forces with Jimmy Fallon for “Justin Timberweek.” He was on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon every night and it was a wonderful success. Highlights include a barbershop version of Sexy Back, a skit where they sang Africa’s magnum opus: Toto, and History of Rap Part 4. His musical performances were also (naturally) great. (LateNightWithJimmyFallon)

Amy Poehler To Produce A New Show – Amy Poehler (wonderful angel and adorable mischief maker) is producing a show called Broad City that will appear on Comedy Central in 2014. Broad City was originally a web series staring Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer. (Splitsider)



– Who Said It: Spongebob or Nietzsche? Take the quiz. It is harder than you think. (Buzzfeed)

– By the way, the ghost in PBS’s Ghostwriter was a runaway slave who was brutally killed by racists and their dogs. (Uproxx)

Joss Whedon shot a Shakespeare adaptation in his backyard… because when I have free time, my first impulse is to assemble my friends and perform Shakespeare at my house. (TheMarySue)



Watching A Comedic Voice Evolve: The Rare, Early Clips Of The Muppets (Ramsey Ess // Splitsider)

Sexism Fatigue (Lindy West // Jezebel)

Marlo Thomas On Making That Girl Feminist TV, PBS’s Makers, And Where Pop Culture Goes Next (Alyssa Rosenberg // Think Progress)

The Daily Routines Of Famous Writers (Marla Popova // BrainPickings)

St. Patrick: No Snakes, No Shamrocks, Just The Facts (David Plotz // Slate)



– Lena Dunham’s (fake) Zero Dark Thirty audition ~ Comedian Chelsea Davidson does a SPOT ON impression of Lena Dunham.

– After Ever After ~ Jon Cozart creates this amazing a cappella video about Disney Princesses after they find their fairy tale ending. It is wonderfully dark and Cozart is a pretty talented singer.

Kristen Stewart Explains St. Patrick’s Day ~ Kristen Stewart is played by Laura McDonald in this sketch (who does an amazingly accurate impression). It is hella funny- but will never trump Speak Like Kristen Stewart.

Patton Oswalt – To Be Loved and Understood ~ The people of ThrashLab follow comedian Patton Oswalt and look at what it is like off-stage.

PBS Arts presents “The Rise of Web Comics”