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23 Dec



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DI Cool Stuff BarA WEEK WHERE NOBODY LEARNED ANY LESSONS!!! ~ Welp- it was an exciting week in “STORIES THAT FLOODED MY FACEBOOK FEED WITH UNASKED FOR OPINIONS.” It started with Megyn Kelly saying that “Santa… is white.” Kelly said this during a discussion over an article that was published at Slate entitled Santa Claus Should Not Be A White Man Anymore. The ensuing shitstorm was epic. A million articles were written about why Megyn Kelly’s remarks were awful. The lesson everyone SHOULD have learned was: NEVER EVER ENGAGE ANYONE AT SLATE!! They LIVE for that, you guys! When FoxNews contacted them to do a segment, I imagine everyone at Slate experienced a collective orgasm. Technically, I agree with Slate on most issues and I STILL always leave the site in a spluttering rage. Slate writes articles with the sole purpose of upsetting you (why else would they have AN ENTIRE TAG entitled “YOU’RE DOING IT WRONG!? Really, Slate? I’m doing grilled cheese wrong? I DOUBT IT, you arrogant assholes.). [ThinkProgress]

GEORGE ZIMMERMAN IS COMING FOR YOU!~ Following in George W. Bush’s footsteps, George Zimmerman has turned to art therapy to quiet the demons in his life. Zimmerman recently put a painting he did on Ebay in hopes that the sale would help him combat his financial woes (i.e. MASSIVE COURT COSTS). In the description of the painting, Zimmerman says, “My art work allows me to reflect, providing a therapeutic outlet and allows me to remain indoors 🙂.” The smiley emoticon at the end isn’t me editorializing- that’s Zimmerman being all cute and jokesy (it’s hilarious because he gets in SUCH PREDICAMENTS when he leaves his house!). Zimmerman isn’t going to remain indoors forever though. The person who has the winning bid on Ebay gets a DOUBLE treat because Zimmerman has promised to deliver the painting to their door. WHAT COULD POSSIBLY GO WRONG?   [NY MAG]

BROOKLYN IS NAMED LESBIAN CAPITAL OF THE NORTHEAST~ Marty Markowitz declared Brooklyn, NY “The Lesbian Capital of the Northeast!” Marty Markowitz (I CAN ONLY SAY HIS FULL NAME) is the Borough President of Brooklyn… which I didn’t know was a thing. It should be noted that this statement was issued with pride (no pun intended). Marty Markowitz believes that lesbians have, “made unbelievable contributions to the quality of life in our city and our borough” (awwww). Brooklyn beat out Amherst, Northampton, Manhattan, and Provincetown– and from what I can determine– NO ONE HAS TRIED TO CORRECT HIM! Who knew Borough President carried such authority?! WHY STOP THERE, MARTY MARKOWITZ? How about lesbian capital of THE UNITED STATES! THE WESTERN HEMISPHERE! THE WORLD!!! [Gothamist]

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– “Troy McClure Film or Actual Terrible Movie” [Mental Floss]

– “40 Most Insane Things That Happened This Year In Florida” [Buzzfeed]

– “Royal Burn” a mashup by Bvnny [Bvnny]

– “A Treasury of Children’s Insane Christmas Wish Lists” [Deadspin]

The Daily Show correspondent, Jessica Williams, interviewed a sad little man from Forbes and asked him how his political policy (i.e. taking away after-school lunch programs for poor children/SNAP) was different from The Hunger Games.  (SPOILER: IT ISN’T THAT DIFFERENT, YOU GUYS!) This is a GIF set of the best part of the interview and you can see the entire interview here. [The Daily Show]

– 50 Awesome Quotes by Neil DeGrasse Tyson [TwistedSifter]

– The best punishment for politicians who don’t believe in science [Upworthy]

– Artist transforms her apartment into intricate dreamscapes. These are amazing! All I can turn my room into is the junk yard from Labyrinth. [Colossal]

– Beautiful comic about winter. It reminds me of The Snowman– but for adults. [Buzzfeed]

DI articles barWill Ferrell and Adam McKay talk about Anchorman and how it strays from “the rules of comedy”  (Terry Gross // NPR)

Inside the Box: People Don’t Actually Like Creativity (Jessica Olien // Slate)

‘Slut-Shaming’ Has Been Tossed Around So Much, It’s Lost All Meaning (Callie Beusman // Jezebel)

George Carlin on How He Came Up With His Material, Advice To Young Comedians, and His Influence (Larry Getlen // Splitsider)

DI videos bar– Penguin Falls Down [YouTube]

– How to Read Science News [It’s Okay To Be Smart]

– “Proof That Every Country Song Was Exactly The Same In 2013” [Buzzfeed]

– “Dance of the Snowflakes” from SNL. This is basically my experience with performing stand-up comedy distilled into a 4 minute skit. Also- John Goodman makes an excellent snowflake. [SNL]

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  • Judd Apatow is teaming up with Keegen-Michael Key and Jordan Peele (from Key & Peele) to make (WHAT I CAN ONLY ASSUME WILL BE) an awesome movie [Bleeding Cool]
  • J.K. Rowling is writing a play that will serve as a prequel for the Harry Potter books [Daily Mail]
  • BriTANick might get a movie [Variety]
  • Jennifer Saunders says she wants to write a movie for Absolutely Fabulous. Now, all that is left to do, is peer-pressure her until she delivers. [Jezebel]

Stuff That Happened This Week (July 21-28)

30 Jul



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ONLY WINNERS GET SPACE ROCKS, TIMMY!~ If you win at the 2014 Winter Olympics- you won’t be going for the gold– you’ll be going for the METEORITE THAT INJURED MANY AND LAYED WASTE TO EVERYTHING IN IT’S PATH! The medals at the olympics in Russia will be made out of the meteorite that landed in Chelyabinsk. MEDALS made out of a METEORITE! I’ve never wanted a medal so bad in my life. I also think that is very Russian: What should we do with the giant meteor that injured thousands and laid waste to an entire city? Break it down and give it away as prizes. That’s hella metal, Russia. [Geekosystem]

REMEMBER THAT TIME NEIL DEGRASSE TYSON DEFEATED THE ILLUMINATI AND THEN FLEW INTO SPACE?~ I remember (only because it’s a recurring dream of mine). Neil deGrasse Tyson is rebooting Carl Sagan’s The Cosmos. He’ll pick up where Sagan left off– teaching us all about science and making us kind of fall in love with it. But, if you DIDN’T know that before you saw the Cosmos trailer, you would just assume it was some sort of amazing choose-your-own-adventure starring Neil deGrasse Tyson. In MY version, Neil pilots a spaceship, goes back in time, fights off wolves, meets Galileo, goes to the FUTURE, triggers a bunch of explosions, and becomes the leader of The Resistance (where I’m sure he teaches them about science and the magic of the Universe). BADASS. Neil deGrasse Tyson makes The Doctor look like a chump. [TheMarySue]


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– 80 Photos of Old New York (1970-1989)~ I have a slight issue with their use of “old” but these photos are amazing. Also- New York was pretty much on fire all the time in the 70s and 80s. [Superchief]

– Republican Guide to Female Anatomy [Nerve]

– 27 Cats That Immediately Regret Their Decisions [Buzzfeed]

– What Species Did You Evolve From? [Matt Chase]

– Best headline this week: “To Save The Owls, US Government Plans To Kill Over 3,000 Owls” [Geekosystem]


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Everyone Is Staying Friends With Their Ex’s On Facebook (Katie Heaney // Buzzfeed)

How To Be An Atheist Without Being A Dick About It (Lindy West // Jezebel)

#WhiteHouseIftar and the Tactics of Activism (Fatemah Fakhraie // Racialicious)


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– White People Meet: A Dating site for whites only… wait. When I say it out loud it sounds bad…. [UCB Comedy]

– Daria Movie Trailer [College Humor]

– Supercut of SNL Cast Members Breaking Character [Slacktory]

– Animated version of “Defying Gravity” from the musical Wicked [Heidi Jo Gilbert on Vimeo]

Stuff That Happened This Week (April 8-14)

15 Apr

STHTW - lost girl


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“Accidentally Racist”  Is A Giant Clusterfuck ~ The song “Accidental Racist” is the collaboration of country singer, Brad Paisley, and LL Cool J. The song is about white people and black people trying to come together and overcome prejudice/years of racial tension. It’s a tall order for any song but “Accidental Racist” falls hysterically short of being any sort of watershed moment in racial harmony. Mostly because it glosses over the systematic oppression of black people and ignores white privilege completely. The best description of the song: “an attempt to heal America’s racial wounds with a fist bump.”

Brad Paisley and LL Cool J clearly made this song with the purest intentions and seemed to genuinely have thought this would be a positive step forward. Both of them stand by the song and “are proud of the discussion it is creating.”

The song does in fact reveal how desperately we need to have more conversations on race when these two are legitimately puzzled why racism is still around.

“Why CAN’T we be friends?”

According to the song, it’s because we are all just holding on to the past. Paisley says in an interview, “Let’s not be victims of things that happened SO LONG AGO.”

  1. LET’S BE CLEAR. In the song, the black barista at Starbucks gives Paisley the stink-eye for wearing a shirt with a confederate flag on it. That is why Paisley feels like a victim. Feeling uncomfortable at Starbucks is a cross he can bear no longer.

Feeling sad or uncomfortable isn’t the same as systematic oppression.


  • Let Me Break It Down For You [Racialicious]
  • Why “Accidental Racist” Is Just Racist [The Atlantic]
  • The Road To “Accidental Racist” Is Paved With Good Intentions [Grantland]
  • What Brad Paisley and LL Cool J Don’t Understand About Accidents In “Accidental Racist” [Think Progress]
  • Whoooooooops, I’m A Racist [Shakesville]
  • Louis C.K. Explains Historical Context Behind Racial Discrimination On The Tonight Show [Panache]

How Did “Pretend To Be A Nazi” Sound Like A Good Idea To You? ~ Oh my GOD. This week was basically a week of people getting tripped up by COMPLETELY AVOIDABLE THINGS. First, there was Accidental Racist (see above). Then, after visiting Anne Frank’s house, Justin Bieber wrote in the guest book that he hoped Anne would be a Belieber (a Justin Bieber fan)– which ARLRJFHBKLJGLJ! And then this: A teacher in Albany tasked their students with a creative writing assignment: PRETEND TO BE A NAZI. What makes it worse (yes, it get’s worse) is that it was an exercise in persuasive writing. The students were given the following writing prompt: “You must argue that Jews are evil, and use solid rationale from government propaganda to convince me of your loyalty to the Third Reich!” So, basically, the assignment was to write really solid hate-speech. Also, “solid rationale from government propaganda“? Are you fucking serious? [Jezebel]

Margaret Thatcher and Jonathan Winters Are Dead– but Cher Is Actually Alive ~ Margaret Thatcher and Jonathan Winters both passed this week. Jonathan Winters was a beloved comedian known for his characters, his appearances on the old Friar’s Roasts, and . Reactions to Thatcher’s death were divided (to say the least). Instead of writing about either of these two figures, I’ve just included some links to some articles/tributes. (NOTE: There was a terrible moment this week where people thought Cher had died. A hashtag on twitter (#nowthatchersdead) was misinterpreted as “Now That Chers Dead.” But, it’s okay. She’s alive, you guys. Which is awesome– because I am not in a place in my life where I could even begin to deal with such a tragedy.)

Margaret Thatcher

  • Russell Brand on Margaret Thatcher. [The Guardian]
  • Margaret Thatcher’s Death: American vs. British Reactions [Buzzfeed]
  • That Thatcher Era’s Effect On British Music [NPR]
  • How To Explain Margaret Thatcher To A One Direction Fan [Buzzfeed]

Jonathan Winters

  • Remembering Jonathan Winters: Father Of Improvisational Comedy [LA TImes]
  • Jonathan Winter Roasts Johnny Carson [YouTube]
  • How Did All Those People Get Inside Jonathan Winters? [NPR]
  • Comedy Heavyweights Remember Jonathan Winters in Tweets [Mashable]
  • 5 of the Actor’s Funniest Moments [The Wrap]

(and just to celebrate that Cher is still alive…)

DI other stuff bar

– Andrew Lloyd Weber is adapting School of Rock for Broadway [Vulture]

– Life In Your Early 20s vs. Your Late 20s [Buzzfeed]

– Just so you know, in China, Kim Jong-Un is often called “Fatty The Third” in casual conversation [The New York Times]

– Sweden now has a gender neutral pronoun [Jezebel]

– Jay-Z wrote a song in response to er’body giving him crap for taking a trip to Cuba [Pitchfork]

– Katee Sackhoff is the only girl in Riddick [The Mary Sue]

DI articles bar

Sorry Not Sorry: How To Non-Apologize (Laura Beck // Jezebel)

Why School Shooting Episodes Need To Stop (Louis Peitzman // Buzzfeed)

Science vs. Scripture And The Difference Between Curiosity And Wonder (Maria Popova // BrainPickings)

Does Buzzfeed Know The Secret (Andrew Rice // New York Magazine)

Life Is Beautiful, And So Is This Stand-up Special – A Review of Louis C.K.’s New Special, Oh My God (Matt Zoller Seitz // Vulture)

DI videos bar

In 1993, Conan taped some interviews for a Late-Night Audition [Team Coco]

Julie Klausner asks the important questions: “What Do Bravo Reality Stars Think of North Korea?” Watch. This. Now. (and then read Julie Klausner’s book I Don’t Care About Your Band) [Huffington Post]

Neil DeGrasse Tyson thinks about what it would be like to live forever [It’s Okay To Be Smart]

Weekend Update: LL Cool J and Brad Paisley (“We did it! Racism is over, ya’ll!!”) [Hulu]

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The Way, Way Back trailer