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Stuff That Happened This Week

21 May

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A weekly collection of kickass stuff I find on the internet.

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Kurt Braunohler is going to write funny things in the sky! ~ Comedian Kurt Braunohler successfully raised enough money on Kickstarter to fund his project– and that project is to write funny things in the sky. Braunohler has this to say about the project:

“Skywriting is crazy. We’re forcing clouds to say things. That’s inherently funny. How great would it be to look up one day and there’s a message in the sky, for no other reason other than itself. It’s not trying to sell you anything, it’s not trying to tell you something. It’s just there.”

Of the list of possible phrases Braunohler is thinking of using, my favorites are “HOW DO I LAND??” and “Clouds 4 EVA!” It would make my day to look up and see that in the sky. [Kurt Braunohler Kickstarter]

Denying Men Sex Is Like Child Neglect ~ The Wall Street Journal ran this article a while ago (“How Often Should Married Couples Have Sex“). I didn’t write about it because every time I tried to talk about, all that came out of my mouth was a sustained scream. The article chronicles the tortured year of a man who had to cope with a wife who refused to have sex with him. What monster woman would do such a thing?! It made him feel sad, you guys:

“He became grumpy, gained weight and stopped wanting to come home at night. “For me to feel good about myself, I needed her to have sex with me,” he says. “Otherwise I thought she didn’t love me.””

WHERE DID HE FIND THE COURAGE TO GO ON????!!! I’m not being blasé about this man’s problem. Intimacy is important in a relationship. HOWEVER, tucked away, towards the very end of the article, is a throwaway line mentioning the fact that his wife had a miscarriage. Do you think that might have affected her  just a little bit? There is nothing in the article to suggest that anything was being done to help her work through her emotional issues. But whatever. Let’s not lose focus- this man is not having sex. He even did chores for her! How rude. [New York Magazine]

DI other stuff bar

– 14 Reasons Why Life Should Be More Like Singin’ In The Rain [Buzzfeed]

– New poster for Catching Fire is BADASS [The Mary Sue]

– Origins of 9 British Insults [Mental Floss]

– Cocktail Chart of Film of Literature ~ This chart is pretty extensive. It has everything from a Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster (from The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy) to a Gibson (from North by Northwest). Very cool. [Pop Chart Lab]

– “Give Yourself Permission to suck” ~ Exerpt from Michael Ian Black’s Rumpus interview on how to succeed in comedy/creative fields.  [Christine Friar]


DI articles bar

Can Men Be Funny? (Ellie Kemper // GQ)

What Commencement Speeches Are Missing (Andrew Guthrie Furguson // The Atlantic)

Stop Comparing Everything To Girls (Daniel D’Addario // Salon)

Ethics of Extreme Porn (Conor Friedersdorf //The Atlantic)

DI videos bar

17 A Capella Covers of Indie Rock Songs [Buzzfeed]

Tig Notaro’s Lessons In Remaining In the Moment [Team Coco]

Supercut of people in the movies screaming “NOOOOOOO!” [The Mary Sue]

Stephen Colbert’s Commencement Speech at UVA [Uproxx]


DI trailers and tv news barSleepy Hollow trailer ~ Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci re-imagine the Sleepy Hollow story in this new FOX drama.

Super Fun Night trailer ~ Trailer for Rebel Wilson’s new show on ABC.

The Goldbergs trailer ~ Trailer for Patton Oswalt, Jeff Garlin, and Wendi McLendon-Covey’s new show on ABC.

Clip from the new Whose Line Is It Anyway? ~ Ugh. These people are delightful.



Stuff That Happened This Week (April 29 – May 5)

6 May

STHTW freddy mercury and wolverine


A weekly collection of kickass stuff I find on the internet.

Cool Stuff // And Also… // Articles // Videos // Trailers & TV/Movie News

**NOTE: There is some salty language in here.**

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The Best Thing To Come Out Of A Sorority EVAR ~ This is my favorite thing ever. The leader of some sorority sent out a profanity-laced e-mail BLASTING her fellow sorority sisters. The pure concentrated fury in this letter is amazing. In the wizarding world, they would have called this e-mail a howler. This girl got a lot of crap for writing this- but I salute her. Frankly, I think it is full of valid critiques. Like, for example: Don’t be a boner at a party. Totally legit advice. You guys, all she was doing was trying to hold the girls in her sorority to a certain standard– and “cunt-punt” anyone who fails to measure up. Her only crime is caring too much… and being surrounded by “stupid cocks”. [Gawker]

I Just Found My Hero (And She Is A Bi-sexual Swashbuckler… Because Of COURSE She Is) ~ Her name is Julie D’Aubigny and she was a master swordsman, she set a convent on fire, and basically did whatever she wanted. She makes the Three Musketeers look like Care Bears. She basically is like the real-life manifestation of Xena.  [Badass of the Week]

I Will Hear NO UNKIND WORD AGAINST BEYONCÉ ~ The title of the article was What Beyoncé Could Learn From Ke$ha. The title alone elevates my blood-pressure. Both Ke$ha and Beyoncé recently released documentaries about their lives as performers. For those of you who haven’t seen either documentary– they basically reveal what we already knew about both ladies: Beyoncé is a majestic graceful angel and Ke$ha is a bawdy pirate-person who likes to Par-TAY! So what could Beyoncé learn from Ke$ha? How to appear more human. Apparently, failure makes people seem more accessible, and Ke$ha isn’t afraid to show people that she isn’t perfect. Recently on Conan, Ke$ha revealed that she writes songs with her boobs. The last time she was on Conan, she admitted to having sex with a ghost. These are the failures that make her human. Coincidentally, NOT doing this kind of shit is what makes Beyoncé a beloved queen admired by all. This isn’t a slam on Ke$ha. I love her. She is an adorable maniac who writes fun songs. I’m just saying– Beyoncé doesn’t need to learn SHIT from Ke$ha. I don’t need Ke$ha to know that we all have problems/setbacks/failures in life. I am INTIMATELY AWARE OF THAT FACT because I am a HUMAN PERSON. I want someone out there who can deal with problems/setbacks/failures with grace and style. [The Atlantic]

DI other stuff bar

– Is this a line from The Great Gatsby or an angsty Tumblr user? (You guys, IT IS REALLY HARD TO TELL THE DIFFERENCE) [Buzzfeed]

– 50 Comedians You Should Know And Will Know [Vulture]

– Canada has space dollars!! [Laughing Squid]

– A collection of tweets from Anna Kendrick [Tumblr]

– Disapproval Matrix [Ann Friedman]

DI articles bar

Bow Down Bitches (response to Sarah Dean’s article Who Is Beyonce Calling A Bitch? // UTNE.com)

Meditation On Knowing And Not Knowing [excerpt] (Debbie Millman // Look Both Ways: Illustrated Essays On The Intersection of Life & Design)

Amy Schumer, Funny Girl (Jason Zinoman // The New York Times)

DI videos bar

– Wil Wheaton Explains To A New-Born Girl Why Being A Nerd Is Awesome [Laughing Squid]

– Barack Obama and Conan O’Brien at this year’s White House Correspondents’ Dinner [The Comics Comic]

– Curse Me Good. A super-cut of awesome slams and put-downs from the movies. [The Mary Sue]

– The Hollywood Reporter’s Comedy Roundtable with Cecily Strong, Anthony Jeselnik, Kristen Schaal, Rob Delaney, and Nick Kroll. [The Hollywood Reporter]

– Stephen Colbert and Alan Cumming parody “Accidental Racist” with “Oopsy-Daisy Homophobe” [Entertainment Weekly]

– The Gregory Brothers (same group that does “Auto-Tune The News”) do a new song called: The War On Drugs Is  A Failure [The New York Times]

DI trailers and tv news bar

– Chris Hardwick is getting a show. And that is awesome. [Deadline]

– Sarah Silverman is gonna headline a HBO Comedy Special. [The Hollywood Reporter]

– Lonely Island guys are putting out a new album [YouTube]

The Best Responses To The Tragedy In Boston

22 Apr

 “There’s only one rule that I know of, babies—God damn it, you’ve got to be kind.”

-Kurt Vonnegut

Last week, the news was pretty much dominated by everything going down in Boston.

After bombs were detonated at the Boston Marathon, there was a lot of chaos and confusion. The attack was savage and pointless. It was a dark and painful time for the people of Boston (and everyone holding Boston in their thoughts).

People rallied around Boston.

And despite everything, ultimately, people helped each other out.

With all the awfulness of the bombings, it was heartening to see.

Stephen Colbert’s cold open is a tribute to Boston (and their badass-itude)

Stephen Colbert addressed the bombing at the top of his show. He offered condolences to the people of Boston, but also declared his confidence that Boston would not be shaken by anyone:

“As the President said, we don’t know who did this, but they will be found and will be brought to justice. But whoever did this obviously did not know shit about the people of Boston. Because nothing these terrorists do is going to shake them. For Pete’s sakes! Boston was founded by the pilgrims– a people so tough they had to buckle their goddam hats on!

It is incredibly moving… as well as incredibly funny.

(Jon Stewart also had some touching things to say about Boston.)

mr rogersMr. Roger’s tells us to “look for the helpers.”

There really isn’t a time where quoting Mr. Rogers would go amiss. The man was a beacon of kindness.

Anyway, in light of recent tragedies, this quote has been making it’s way around the internet (here is the actual clip).

In times of trouble, “look for the helpers.

It’s helpful to remember.

Patton Oswalt reminds us that “the good guys” are there… and they are badasses.

Comedian Patton Oswalt wrote a statement that to echoed the same thing Rogers was saying.

So when you spot violence, or bigotry, or intolerance or fear or just garden-variety misogyny, hatred or ignorance, just look it in the eye and think, “The good outnumber you, and we always will.

  • People from around the world offer Boston their support…  [Buzzfeed]
  • Amy Poehler On Coping With Excessive/Violent Images (“I love you, Boston”) [Smart Girls]
  • Dunkin’ Donuts remained open to help Emergency Responders (because that’s how Dunkin’ Donuts ROLLS!) [Bostino]
  • There were a handful of runners who ran the Boston Marathon AGAIN to show how un-terrorized they are. [Buzzfeed]

How You Can Help Boston

Stephen Colbert’s Salute To Boston

17 Apr

As the President said, we don’t know who did this, but they will be found and will be brought to justice. But whoever did this obviously did not know shit about the people of Boston. Because nothing these terrorists do is going to shake them. For Pete’s sakes! Boston was founded by the pilgrims– a people so tough they had to buckle their goddam hats on!” – Stephen Colbert

Watch the whole segment here.


Stuff That Happened (March 25-31)

1 Apr



Cool Stuff // And Also… // Articles // Videos // Trailers & TV/Movie News

**NOTE: With the Supreme Court reviewing the constitutionality of gay marriage, last week was a pretty important week for the LGBT community. So, Ima put out extra “Stuff That Happened This Week” that just focuses on all the stuff that happened around the hearings.**


Barbara Walters Can Hear You ~ Last week, people were all abuzz about Barbara Walters looming retiring. People spent the rest of the week speculating wildly about who would replace her on The View. She announced today that she won’t be retiring. It’s rude to talk about someone as if they aren’t there (NBC, I’m looking at you). SHE WILL LEAVE THE SPOTLIGHT WHEN SHE IS GOOD AND READY. You tell ’em, Barbara. UPROXX did a pretty great Barbara Walters appreciation post, though. Even though she isn’t retiring, it’s always a good time to celebrate awesome people. [Huffington Post]

Also– Everyone Who Ever Hosted Anything Might Also Retiring ~ The maybe news continues! The completely unofficial-but-actually-happening mess between Leno and Fallon is still happening. Ugh. But you guys— something WAY BIGGER IS (maybe) HAPPENING! People are speculating that Alex Trebek might be considering retirement. DISASTER. No one can ever truly replace that man. He is a national treasure (despite being Canadian… but whatever). Not just anyone can be the Jeopardy host. It takes a specific skill set– and Trebek has MAD SKILLS.

  1. Even after 28 years, he is able to appear interested in every insane/boring/sad story Jeopardy contestants tell him. He is usually pretty respectful even in the face of the weirdest stories. He has only had a couple slip-ups.
  2. Despite his occasional tendency to be smug and condescending, he is still beloved by all (I think it’s one of his powers as a Canadian).
  3. You secretly believe that the answer cards at Trebek’s podium are all blank because he already knows all of the answers.
  4. Finally, he belongs to that very rare subset man that can grow a mustache and NOT look like a child molester.

There were rumors that Matt Lauer would replace Trebek. Other, more viable options, include Tim Gunn, Ken Jennings, and Anderson Cooper. But, for now, Trebek will just continue to kill it. Bow down, bitches. [Vulture]

“Anyhoo” Is In The Dictionary Now ~ I have been using it this whole time… because I’m from the future. [The Atlantic Wire]



Game of the Thrones is an awesome show on HBO that involves dragons, swords, political machinations, and HORRIFIC DEATHS. That isn’t a spoiler. In general, being in the vicinity of dragons, swords, and power hungry politicians leads to death. Vulture created the Game of Thrones Death Generator. Go see what brutal death you would suffer in this violent fantasy land. [Vulture]

– Obscure and obsolete words are an obsession of mine. Here is a list of 27 Obsolete Words We Should Revive- and we really should. Crapulous? Cockalorum? Jargogle? All awesome words (and still relevant and useable in everyday conversation). The fact that most of them sound vaguely like cusswords is just a bonus. [Buzzfeed]

– Stephen Colbert will interview Bill Clinton. So… awesome. [Entertainment Weekly]

– Jennifer Lawrence is scared of ghosts and struggles with that same black-hole of temptation that we all do: the hotel mini-bar. Who among us can resist its inexorable pull?. So… just me? [Fabulous]



Generations Naive: Why Young People Can’t Help Falling For Strangers Online (Caitlin Dickson // The Daily Beast)

What I Learned Hate-Reading The Internet (Richard Lawson // The Atlantic Wire)

Why Doctor Who Needs More Female Writers (Mathilda Gregory // The Guardian)

The QWERTY Effect: The Keyboards Are Changing Our Language! (Rebecca J. Rosen // The Atlantic)



Pain And Gain Trailer ~ Dark comedy from Michael Bay. Mark Wahlberg and Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson (I will never NOT write his name like that) are great action stars for obvious reasons. I am really happy when I see them do comedy, though. Both of them are really funny guys. Also, it is super satisfying to see a manic Wahlberg smack-talk a kid. Movie stars Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson, Mark Wahlberg, Tony Shaloub, Anthony Mackie, and Rebel Wilson. [YouTube]

Amy Poehler Interviews Her Idol ~ Amy Poehler interviews Irma Kalish, who wrote for famous TV comedies such as Maude, Good Times, The Facts of Life, and I Dream of Jeannie (just to name a few). Nowadays, whenever anyone dredges up that archaic question, “Are Women Funny?”, most sensible/intelligent people will respond with scorn and derision. Kalish, however, worked in a time where people around her were of the opinion that women weren’t funny.

“When I first started writing, women were not writing comedy. They said, women can’t make you laugh. They can make you cry– but they can’t make you laugh. And– now I could make men cry–that’s true. But I thought I could also make them laugh.”

Irma says at one point that she thinks of Amy “as a descendent of mine” and that she “paved the way” for people like Amy. What might sound like an unchecked ego coming from anyone else-  in reality, it is really incredibly moving and touching moment. Firstly, because Amy and Irma are both adorable and clearly have an incredible respect for one another. Secondly, because you see it for what it is- as a sort of passing of the torch from one generation of comedy to another. It is the meeting of two great comedic minds and it makes me weepy every time I watch it. [Smart Girls At The Party]

Anna Kendrick Joins A K-Pop Band ~ I posted this earlier, but I think it deserves a repost. Because it is HILARIOUS. [Funny or Die]

Everybody Wants To Kill Bruce Willis~ Pierre-Alexandre Chauvat spliced together 39 different movies to create a 10 minute film that has Bruce Willis running for his life. The artist’s sums up the film thusly: “When he wakes up one morning, Bruce Willis finds himself pursued by an entire city.” Helicopters, machine guns, daring chase scenes. It’s pretty epic. Bruce’s hair comes and goes- but otherwise, it is a pretty great mashup. [Pierre-Alexandre Chauvat]

Trailer for Burning Love Season 3 ~ Burning Love is a show that spoofs reality dating shows such as The Bachelor/The Bachelorette. The show is kind of perfect (and mega-hilarious). The show is airing on E! now, but you can still catch all the episodes on Yahoo. [Splitsider]

Louis C.K. Sort Of Explains The Title Of His Show ~ I’m pretty sure HBO makes him put out these promos, resulting in these simple (yet earnest) kinds of clips.  [Flavorwire]

**Remember that there will be another “Stuff That Happened This Week” for all the LGBT stuffs that happened this week**

Stuff That Happened (March 18-24)

25 Mar



Cool Stuff // And Also… // Articles // Videos // Trailers & TV/Movie News

**ALSO: All this week, in addition to regular posts, I’ll be posting stuff on Doctor Who. For people who are unfamiliar with the show, it will be a Doctor Who primer. For fans, it will just be a recap of why Doctor Who rules.**


Reddit Does Something That Isn’t Awful ~ Reddit has been at the center of some controversies and discussions lately. But they did something pretty cool and started a series called Explain Like I’m Five where they literally explain complex concepts to a room full of five year olds. So far, they have covered the crisis in Syria, the stock market, and Existentialism (the children did not like Nietzsche). Even when the kids (or, some would argue, the moderators) don’t quite grasp the concept, it is still a neat concept for a video series. It will be interesting to see where the series goes. [The Verge]

Stephen Colbert As Stephen Colbert ~ Stephen Colbert’s sister, Elizabeth Colbert-Busch, is running for congress in South Carolina. She is running against Mark Sanford (the same guy who said he was hiking the Appalachian Train- but was actually having an affair). Colbert talks about it on Jimmy Fallon and despite cracking jokes throughout, he is incredibly sincere and humble (two things his TV persona is notoriously incapable of). So this campaign is basically the first thing where Colbert has ever broke character (he remained in character even when he was testified at an official congressional hearing). When asked how the campaign would affect his career, Colbert replied,  “I’m not worried about what it would do to me or my show to try to help her as myself — not as my character, to help her as myself. And you know, if people think that’s not the right thing for me to do, I don’t care. It’s my sister, and I’m willing to help her.” Well that’s the perfect answer. Best of luck to the whole Colbert family. [Los Angeles Times] / [Elizabeth Colbert Busch’s campaign site]

Justin Timberlake Is Just Rubbing It In Our Faces Now ~ During the course of this month alone, Justin Timberlake successfully hosted SNL (for the fifth time), did a series of great skits and killer performances on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, and released an album that has already sold close to 1 million copies in its first week. But just in case anyone thought he was just going to take a break and rest on his laurels, Justin is releasing part 2 of 20/20 Experience in November. JUSTIN- PLEASE TEACH ME HOW TO EFFORTLESSLY SUCEED AT EVERYTHING I DO! [Hollywood Reporter]

NBC Continues To Flail Helplessly ~ I’m pretty sure the Conan/Leno debacale of ’10 was an aggravating hellscape for everyone involved, but apparently NBC is SUPER eager to relive that nightmare. Jay Leno’s contract with NBC runs out in 2014 and instead of quietly and tactfully discussing their options, it was leaked to the press that Fallon would replace Leno. Classy, NBC. No matter what your opinions on Leno, gossiping about the future of someone’s job is incredibly disrespectful. Even though Leno is pulling in the best ratings of any of the late night programs, he will spend rest of the year feeling like there is an ax over his head (because there is). Despite this story being everywhere, nothing has actually been confirmed (all the “high level executives” remained anonymous) and everyone’s contract remains in tact. It is  doubtful NBC will do anything before 2014 because of the mountains of money they would have to pay Leno should they break his contract. Uuuughh. I love you, but get your shit together, NBC. [New York Times]

The FBI Would Like To Announce That They Have A Hunch ~ The biggest art heist in history happened in Boston at the Isabell Stewart Gardener Museum. The thieves dressed up as police and basically went on a shopping spree, stealing thirteen items from the museum. The stolen work totaled over $500 million. TWENTY THREE YEARS LATER, the FBI makes the grand statement that they know who the culprits are! Except… they aren’t going to say… and they still don’t know where the stolen art is. Oh– and the statute of limitations has run out so even if they apprehend the victims there isn’t much they can do. Cracker jack work, guys. [Boston]



– Feeling Like Crap? Go here until you feel better. [EmergencyCompliment]

– 19 Historical Instances of March Madness. March is crazy, ya’ll. [Buzzfeed]

– There is going to be an un-official Mary Tyler Moore reunion on Hot In Cleveland. Betty White, one of the main characters of Hot In Cleveland, will be joined by Mary Tyler Moore, Valerie Harper, Cloris Leachman, and Georgia Engel (who has already made several appearances on the show). FUN! [Deadline]

She-Ra is back and she will fight… He-Man? Her twin brother? According to the press release She-Ra is: “Now known as Despara, the most lethal weapon in Hordak’s army” which I believe is completely anit-thetical to what her character used to be. What happened to a life lived “FOR THE HONOR OF GREYSKULL?”Don’t mess this up, DC. [MTV Geek]



Judging Humor (Robert Mankoff // The New Yorker)

So You Want To Escape From Prison? If At All Possible, Use A Helicopter (Justin Peters // Slate)

The Roll of Pacifism and Gun Violence on Doctor Who (Arya Ponto // Artboiled)

The Nielsen Family Is Dead (Tom Vanderbilt // Underwired)

9 Warning Sides of An Amateur Artist (Drew // SkinnyArtist)



Dora The Explorer Is Gonna Mess You UP ~ College Humor imagined what it would be like if the children’s cartoon Dora the Explorer was a live-action thriller complete with explosions and covert ops. Turns out- it is tres awesome. They put out a trailer. People liked it so much, they demanded a movie. So that is happening… [College Humor]

It IS A Magical World ~ Someone animated thirty seconds of Calvin & Hobbes. It is delightful. [Nerdist]

Tina Fey On Inside The Actor’s Studio ~ I cannot find the complete episode, but several clips are available on Hulu and Vulture assembled Best of Tina Fey on Inside the Actor’s StudioPeople have been excited that she did her Sarah Palin impression but, really, I’m just happy there is another Tina Fey interview in the universe.  [Vulture]

“I’ve Always Wanted To Have A Neighbor Just Like You” ~ It was the late Fred Rogers (of Mister Roger’s Neighborhood) birthday this week. Just in case you didn’t know, Fred Rogers was one of the most genuinely kind and caring people to ever exist. As a tribute, Mentalfloss and John Green teamed up for 35 Reasons Mister Rogers Is The Best Neighbor Ever. [Mentalfloss]



Kristen Wiig and Will Ferrell are going to be in a movie together. Both of them are funny people and proved they could be pretty hilarious together at this year’s Golden Globe Awards. The movies is called Welcome To Me and according to Hollywood Reporter is about “a woman with dissociative personality disorder who wins the lottery and decides to spend her winnings on a cable access talk show about her life.” Movies about mental illnesses are tricky to make (and even harder if you are trying to draw humor from) but I am rooting for the movie and think Wiig and Ferrell will stick the landing.  [Hollywood Reporter]

Craig Robinson has an NBC pilot. Robinson will play a musician who begrudgingly accepts a position at a public school as a music teacher. Most people know Robinson as Darryl from The Office (although he has also been hilarious in Pineapple Express, Hot Tub Time Machine, and Eastbound & Down as well. He’s just a funny man.). In addition to Robinson, it was announced the cast was expanding to include even more super awesome funny people: Kumail Nanjiani, Steve Agee, and Steve Little. Also, adorable angel person Amandla Stenberg (Rue from Hunger Games) will be in the show. Please let this show be awesome!! [Splitsider]

Jason Sudeikis and Charlie Day are doing another movie together. Sudeikis and Day are teaming up back up with their director from Horrible Bosses to do a buddy cop movie called One Night On The Hudson. If it is half as funny as Horrible Bosses, it will be hilarious. [Screenrant]

Despicable Me 2 

Kick-Ass 2

Star Trek: Into Darkness

Red 2

Doctor Who (trailer for second half of Season 7)

Doctor Who: The Bells of Saint John (trailer for the upcoming episode of Doctor Who)

VEEP (Season 2 trailer)

Game of Thrones #1 and #2 (Season 3 trailers)